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Doctor Who: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

September 9th, 2012 (03:18 pm)

Hey, Chris Chibnall managed to write a whole episode of Doctor Who that I liked! (Admittedly, I also enjoyed Pond Life, but given its brevity that would have been awfully hard to mess up.)

... even though I was very upset about the triceratops :(. She was so adorable! I am somewhat consoled by the fact that Solomon suffered satisfying retribution, and by the idea that all her triceratops relatives are running around on Siluria. Maybe the Doctor left them some golf balls to chase.

There were a couple of Chibnall touches that I didn't appreciate - the explicit rape threat, the female commander being missile-happy - but Amy and Nefertiti were both awesome. It didn't even bother me that Nefertiti went off with Riddell at the end. Given where and when she comes from and who she's married to, his sexism is hardly the worst thing she's ever had to put up with. It's not like he doesn't have redeeming qualities, and I'm sure she can take him in hand. (I would like to know how the Doctor got to know Riddell, since big game hunters aren't usually his kind of people. There is clearly a story there for the spin-off material to cover.)

Having Rory's dad along was entertaining, and I loved Rory collecting high-tech med equipment and using his L33t Nursing Skillz. Glad that Brian went off to see the world at the end, too. (Given that Rory's mum is not mentioned and Brian is still wearing a ring but seems to be travelling the globe alone, I'm guessing she may be dead? More things for the spin-offs to clarify.)

My favourite bit of the episode was the conversation Amy and the Doctor have while he's fixing the controls. Eleven does love his Ponds so, and his declaring Brian the be one was a lovely touch.

All in all, this kept me thoroughly entertained for forty-five minutes. Next week: Toby Whithouse and Ben Browder, w00t!

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