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Andraste [userpic]

Avengers vs. X-Men #11

September 14th, 2012 (04:29 pm)

In which I feel compelled to comment about That Spoiler, even though my main reaction at this point is eye-rolling.

So this is, like, the eighth or ninth time 616!Charles has died. And if I've lost track, you can tell it's an overused plot device. This article is an amusing summary, although it misses the Starjammers LS and includes a couple of things that I wouldn't have listed. (Charles didn't actually flatline during X-Cutioner's song, did he? Although I haven't read it, so I could be wrong there.)

Mind you, having Cyclops kill him is potentially interesting. I knew there was a reason that I haven't liked Scott's recent characterisation much!

Also, I am now restraining myself from writing a long, rambling comment to this article complaining about all the things they left out. However, I am inclined to forgive them for missing New Mutants #50/#51 and all the other stuff because they're so right about what they put in first place.

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