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Doctor Who: The Power of Three

September 23rd, 2012 (04:48 pm)

I think that Calapine's theory that Chris Chibnall has been replaced with an alien duplicate who can write good Doctor Who is perfectly sound. In which case, the alien duplicate can stay as long as he likes. (And I hope the real one is having a nice time somewhere else.)

To get the main flaw out of the way first: the cubes were interesting, but the aliens behind the cubes were ... not. To say the least. As old Time Lord legends go, the Toclofane were a lot better. Also, the Doctor fixing two billion heart attacks by waving his sonic screwdriver was ridiculous even by Doctor Who standards. However! The actual plot is really not the point of this episode, and the character stuff was great.

Because: KAAAAAAAAATE. I was slow and didn't realise who she was (despite having read Downtime!) until the Doctor said, and then I teared up. Because she is awesome and it is so lovely that there is still a Lethbridge-Stewart - well, a Stewart - at UNIT. I want to see lots more of her and hope she gets to hand out with Martha and Sarah Jane and Liz Shaw and, well, everyone in some medium or other.

And just ... POOOOOONNNNNNDS. I don't want you to GOOOOOOO. Despite the fact that two and a half seasons and ten years is a very good run in the TARDIS, longer than almost anyone else has spent there. (Jamie is hard to sort out because of The Two Doctors and Season 6B, and obviously Romana and K9 were around longer than a mere human decade.) I am dreading next week despite it apparently containing many elements I like, just because I don't want it to be over. Especially if there is indeed a tragedy in the offing. My hope is that the Ponds are going to get a happy ending and the sad part will be that the Doctor will not be adventuring with them any more.

Because if this episode shows anything, it's how much the Doctor relies on his Ponds. (Both of them. One of the things I've liked about their storyline is how the trio went from Doctor and Amy + Rory to Doctor and Amy and Rory all together.) The part about him running towards them was my favourite bit <3.

I think that is as near to coherent thought as I can get about this episode. Other stuff that was adorable: Zygons under the Savoy, the Doctor playing on the Wii, the Doctor mentioning K9, Brian's Log. Also the cube that was playing The Chicken Dance on a loop. Maybe it was testing human tolerance for annoying music?

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