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Doctor Who: POOOONDS. Uh, I mean:The Angels Take Manhattan

September 30th, 2012 (03:49 pm)

I have so many feelings about this episode that I don't actually know what my over-all opinion of it was, but I did think it was an appropriate exit for Amy and Rory. I love that Rory just assumes that he'll come back from death at this point, and that Amy says 'together or not at all' to both jumping off a building and to getting stuck back in time via Weeping Angel. (I do wonder what, if anything, the Doctor and River did about that surviving Angel. Surely they didn't just leave it in the cemetery? A plot hole for the ages.)

It was fabulous to see River, as always, and I'm glad that she was pardoned 'ages ago' and is now a professor who moonlights as a Noire detective. I adored her outfit, too. Wish that Character Options would make an action figure of it, but they've been very tardy with the merchandise these past few seasons. (They only just brought out a Rory, and now he's gone!)

Given that New York circa 1938 is now so riddled with time distortion, I'm guessing that the Ponds will have plenty to keep them occupied. Also, I can't help remembering a little girl who regenerated in an alley in New York in the seventies ...

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