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Andraste [userpic]

Livejournal Fail (The Most Recent One)

October 31st, 2012 (10:48 pm)

So, Livejournal have created a new version of their friends page. Once implemented, this will mean that it's no longer possible for people to view friends pages in their own style. Once that happens, I will no longer be able to read my LJ friends list at all - the default colour scheme is migraine inducing for me. (The implementation of infinite scroll also means it won't load on my phone or notebook PC. Good job all round, lj!)

I think it is probably time for me to leave LJ altogether, although I know that would inconvenience people I want to stay in touch with. Physical pain is kind of a deal-breaker, though :(. I'm not sure I'm willing to check journals one at a time to avoid the problem, especially since some of those are likely to be in the default style anyway.

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