This Journal Is Closed

As of today, I'm not going to be crossposting entries to this journal any more. I apologise for the inconvenience. If you wish to find me, I'm on Dreamwidth. My fanfic and vids are posted at the AO3.

The public entries in this journal will remain here for the foreseeable future for archival purposes.

Livejournal Fail (The Most Recent One)

So, Livejournal have created a new version of their friends page. Once implemented, this will mean that it's no longer possible for people to view friends pages in their own style. Once that happens, I will no longer be able to read my LJ friends list at all - the default colour scheme is migraine inducing for me. (The implementation of infinite scroll also means it won't load on my phone or notebook PC. Good job all round, lj!)

I think it is probably time for me to leave LJ altogether, although I know that would inconvenience people I want to stay in touch with. Physical pain is kind of a deal-breaker, though :(. I'm not sure I'm willing to check journals one at a time to avoid the problem, especially since some of those are likely to be in the default style anyway.

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Doctor Who: P.S.

Doctor Who is now the only thing to ever make me cry with nothing but a storyboard and a voiceover. (I am going to miss Athur Darville so, so much.) The alien that has supplanted Chris Chibnall seems to be sticking around.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, there's an unfilmed epilogue to Angels Take Manhattan here.

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Yuletide Nomination Dilemas

Having finally settled on my three precious fandoms, now I have to sort out the character nominations. The Mysterious Cities of Gold is easy, since there are only four characters I really care about, but the other two are proving a challenge.

I mean, choosing four characters from The Secret World, which has dozens of people I would be interested to hear more about? Torture!

I have decided that my third slot should go to Monster by Bigbang. But deciding how to nominate characters is tricky - should I just use the stage names of the band members? And given that there are only four slots, which one do I leave out?

Yuletide: why so difficult?

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Doctor Who: The Power of Three

I think that Calapine's theory that Chris Chibnall has been replaced with an alien duplicate who can write good Doctor Who is perfectly sound. In which case, the alien duplicate can stay as long as he likes. (And I hope the real one is having a nice time somewhere else.)

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*high pitched squealing noises that can be heard as far away as thedas*

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition has been officially announced!

Now to start being ridiculously excited about a game that's at least a year from release! I think I've already decided that my first Inquisitor will be a mage. And blonde.

(You see, my first Warden was a redheaded rogue, and my first Hawke was a brunette warrior. The progression seems obvious, although I'm not sure what I'll do when we get to Dragon Age 4 ...)

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