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Questions For Crusade Fans ...

I will talk about some other show soon, no doubt, but for now ...

Firstly, if you ever watched Crusade, I would appreciate it greatly if you went here, downloaded the song, and told me if it would make a good vid or not. (I know the lyrics work, and I think the music would, but I'd like a second opinion on that. Or a fifth.)

Secondly, has anyone out there written Crusade fanfiction? Do you know anyone else who has? (I'm trying to work out if I should build the archive now or wait until I've conned people into writing something to put in it.)

Also, the DVDs are coming out in the US on December 7th. The Americans and Canadians (or those with multiregion players) can pre-order them at Amazon for 30% off. If you're a B5 fan who has never seen Crusade, I'd certainly rec the show to you.

Of course, there's the vexed question of viewing order to consider ...

There are two 'official' versions of the Crusade viewing order. One is the original screening order, also used on the video release, in which the costume changes make sense and nothing else does. Another possibility is the order suggested by JMS himself, which can be found on the Lurker's Guide. I hear the Sci-Fi Channel used that when they screened the show. A popular fan chronology seems to be War Zones, then Appearances and Other Deceits, then the grey uniform eps, then the rest of the black uniform eps. That's probably the best attempt to make things work on all levels.

Upon consideration, none of those quite work for me. TNT's original order is just plain awful. JMS's preferred version is designed to show off the series in the best possible light, but that means he puts the rather weak 'pilot' episode the network forced him to make late in the day.

Both the fan chronology and JMS's order have a major weakness - they put Ruling From the Tomb after Each Night I Dream of Home. This simply doesn't work if you want the growing relationship between two of the main characters to make sense. I'm also convinced (like JMS, and unlike the fan chronology) that Appearances and Other Deceits is much better seen after The Rules of the Game.

This is a screening order for people who are interested in character and relationship development going in the right order, and willing to just shrug off the inexplicable costume changes it creates.

1. War Zones
2. Racing the Night
3. The Needs of Earth
4. The Memory of War
5. Visitors From Down the Street
6. The Long Road
7. Ruling From the Tomb
8. The Well of Forever
9. Each Night I Dream of Home
10. Patterns of the Soul
11. The Rules of the Game
12. The Path of Sorrows
13. Appearances and Other Deceits

Grab the DVDs or videos and try it out on your B5-loving friends. After I've finished showing them Season Five, I fully intend to try it out on mine *g*.
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